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Ma'at, Goddess of Justice
Ma'at was the ancient Egyptian goddess justice. Her name implies law and order. She is depicted here as a tall woman wearing a feather upon her head. At the Judgment the dead person's heart was weighed against her feather. (Drawings by Brian D'Amato)


New Approaches to Customary International Law, 2011

Power, Law, Actors, and the View from New Haven, 2010 SSRN Link

The Coerciveness of International Law , 2010 pdf

A Few Steps toward an Explanatory Theory of International Law (2010) Word

Softness in International Law, EJIL 2009 Word

A Proposal for Breaking the Israel-Palestine Deadlock, Jurist 10/28/09

Customary International Law video, 2009/Realplayer

Human Rights and Enforcement video, 2009/Realplayer

The Sources of International Law video, 2009/Realplayer

Hamas, the Gaza War, and Accountability Under International Law, Jurist, 6-15-09

The Two Koreas: The Armistice and the Boundary, 6/1/09

National Prosecutions for International Crimes, In International Criminal Law, 2008

Obama Has Duty to Go after War Criminals, 12/3/08 Word

Are We Forgetting the Kurds? 8/4/08 Word

Why is International Law Binding? 2008 Word

International Soft Law, Hard Law, and Coherence, 2008 Word

International Law as a Unitary System, 2008 Word

Independence for Kosovo? Jurist 6/16/07 Bepress link Word

International Law from a Machiavellian Perspective, in Clinton, Realist Tradition (2007) Word

Kosovo: The UN Plans a Human Rights Disaster, Jurist 3/27/07; also in 17 no. 2, Survey of East European Law, 1-3 (2007) Word

True Confessions? The Amazing Tale of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed Jurist 3/16/07 Word

Defenses to War Crimes : A Conceptual Overview, 2/07 (SSRN) Word

International Humanitarian Law: Prospects, Preface (2006)

On the Legitimacy of International Institutions, 12/06, SSRN Word

Israel's Borders under International Law, 12/06, SSRN Word

Bolton in Sheep's Clothing, Jurist 11/20/06 Word

Pyongyang and Proliferation: The UN North Korea Resolution, Jurist 10/17/06 Word

The UN Mideast Ceasefire Resolution Paragraph-by-Paragraph , Jurist 8/13/06 Word

Israel's new ground offensive and the UN peacekeeping plan, Jurist 8/9/06 Word

A proposed UN resolution on the Middle East, Jurist 8/7/06 Bepress link Word

The Draft UN Middle East Ceasefire Resolution , Jurist 8/6/06 Word

Qana, War Crimes and the Mideast Conflict, Jurist, 7/31/06 Word

War Crimes and the Mideast Conflict, Jurist, 7/24/06 Word

International Law Aspects of the Mideast 'War', Jurist, 7/18/06 Word

The Need for a Theory of International Law, SSRN, 4/5/06 Word

Using Nuclear Weapons against Iran? Jurist Hotline, 2/4/06 Bepress link

International Law as an Autopoietic System, in Developments of International Law in Treaty Making (2007)

The West Bank Wall: Part I: Jurisdiction; Part 2: Merits in Jurist, 2-24-04 & 3-2-04

Why It's Not Wise to Assassinate bin Laden, Chicago Tribune, Oct. 28 (2001)

Observations on the Forthcoming Milosevic Trial (2001)

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Legal Realism Explains Nothing (2009) Word)

The FBI's New Guidelines, Jurist 10/7/08 Word

A New (and Better) Interpretation of Holmes's Prediction Theory of Law, 2008, SSRN Link Word

Contested Morality: Judge Posner on Infanticide, Slavery, Suttee, Female Genital Mutilation, and the Holocaust, 2008, SSRN Link Word

Natural Law - A Libertarian View, 2008 Word

Waterboarding: The Key Question for Mukasey, Jurist 10/19/07 Word

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Porn Up, Rape Down, SSRN, 6/23/06 Word

Why Be Fair When You Can Have Welfare? 2006 Word

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